Hello stressed out mom,

my name is Mary C. Smith, and I help mothers to enjoy being a mom, turn parenting stress into joy, and tap into the power of playful parenting, while taking care of all the responsibilities that come with rearing a child.

Discover stress-free parenting

Does being a mom have to be that difficult???

Not if you practice the three pillars of stress-free parenting.


Is the way you are communicating with your child and partner adding to or relieving you from stress?

Energy Flow

Are your emotions empowering you or do they drain you of energy and leave you feeling tired?


Would you like to turn parenting problems into play and deal with stress in a better way?.

Six Steps To Stress-Free Motherhood

These six simple steps can totally transform the way you think and feel about being a mom, and all the responsibilities that come with it.

Body language

Common "expression mistakes" moms make with their child.

Energy Aware

A simple way to know how full or empty your "energy tank" is during the day.


A fast, simple and free way to recharge your batteries.

De-stress Button

Just "push this button" in your brain and in 90 seconds you're stress-free.

What's your number 1 problem?

There are thousand things that can cause you stress - but what's the biggest one for YOU?